Hazel Battles Fatigue

Questing groups are ultra competitive and getting selected to join one can be the opportunity of a lifetime. A young, aspiring quester has to make it through challenging trials and be willing to prove that they are willing to risk their lives to score some fat loot. Hazel learns of just such an opportunity, but getting to the tryout is half the battle. Hopefully she won’t forget the first rule of questing: stay hydrated!

James Fox

Written by
Darrel Gabonia

Executive Producer
James Fox

Produced by
James Fox

Eli Woo

Katy Guttman
Steaphen Fick

1st AC
Andrea Henneman

1st Assistant Director
Geoff Peck

Wardrobe Provided by
Skye Key

Steaphen Fick

Key Grip
Danielle Yuan

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