Candor Battles The Machine

Bash in the head of a gnome and splat! your favorite loin cloth is irreparably stained. If that’s more of a daily occurrence than a rare highlight to a tense family holiday party then your laundry bill can start to dwarf your loot from questing… unless you find a creative way to pay. A note to those heading to a laundromat today: It’s not wise to do laundry when a barbarian is around.

Darrel Gabonia

Written By
Darrel Gabonia

Executive Producer
James Fox

Produced By
James Fox

Stephen Fick

Geoff Peck

John Love
Russell Bellman
Steaphen Fick

Unit Production Manager
Denyse Woo

1st AC
Eli Woo

Morgan Anderson

Key Grip
Andrea Henneman

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