What is Dorkcore?

Dorkcore is an original comedy series about a team of misfit adventurers that must brave impossible odds as they battle monsters, demons, dark lords, day jobs, soul crushing debt and other first world problems.

Welcome to a modern world where magic is so prevalent that it’s almost mind numbingly monotonous. After over a hundred years of peace and prosperity, society has grown comfortable, tolerating the occasional dragon attack as long as it doesn’t interfere with internet speed. With very few exceptions, Questers (professional adventurers) are seen as desperate lunatics that must journey for days, sometimes months, to complete increasingly dangerous jobs. Ninety-nine percent of all quests end in either failure or death.


Produced by San Francisco based Dawnrunner and shot on location on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dorkcore is an unique blend of action, fantasy and outrageous comedy.

Intended for mature audiences only.