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Morningside Morningside, The Bright One, portrayed by Vinny Guastaferro

Once the leader of an elite group of wizards called the Infinite Light, Morningside suffered a steep decline in ability after emerging as the sole survivor in the Battle of Storm Mare. Haunted by his past, the formerly great wizard has now turned to illegal Mana Enhancers at the risk of his own mental stability.

Ultimate Spell: Dance of the Eight — Summons the spirits of his fallen brethren to briefly manipulate space and time.


Hazel, portrayed by Katy Guttman

A brash knight with a tendency to underestimate the severity of a given situation, Hazel can be a little too overconfident in her abilities. She is a competent tactician but has a tendency to make battling an enemy a personal mission, often losing focus on the greater plan.

Signature Skill: Intercept — Able to close long distances in a blink of an eye to aid her friends and allies.


Moto, portrayed by Grady Sullivan

An aspiring warrior that must split his time between adventuring and his day job. While the prototypical warrior is normally a massive killing machine, Moto’s abilities lie with speed, agility and fortitude. Despite the suggestions of his friends, family and concerned coworkers, Moto is dedicated to learning the craft of the warrior.

Passive Ability: Sticks and Stones — Able to withstand brutal beatings and taunts.


Payton, portrayed by Kimo Apaka

Payton is a brilliant alchemist that is able to quickly identify the potential of a variety of plants, animals and minerals in order to brew powerful potions. However, he is easily confused when stressed and has a habit of administering the wrong potion at crucial moments. Eternally optimistic, his main concern is the health and well being of his friends.

Passive Ability: Candy Brew — Concocts a modified version of different candies to administer first aid.


Jackal, portrayed by Luke Koehn

Rogues are born with the innate trait of mischief, and Jackal is no exception. His ability to see angles and loopholes allows him to exploit any given situation, often at the detriment of his own teammates. A natural schemer, Jackal is forever one critically overlooked detail away from success.

Signature Skill: Backstab — A quick knife strike to an exposed backside that results in 87% chance of instant death.


Call, portrayed by Guinevere Davenport

Like most elves, Call is able to communicate with all elements of nature and is able to influence weather itself. Born and raised in the Eternal Realms, she grew up in a land of sunshine and rainbows, sheltered from the horrible realities of the real world. Hopelessly naive, Call firmly believes that every soul is salvageable.

Signature Spell: Call of the Wild — Summons three bears to fight by her side.


Candor, portrayed by John Love

Once a promising barbarian, Candor touted the rare Five Tool combination of speed, strength, agility, intelligence and endurance that made him the envy of every top Questing Scout in the country. Unfortunately, Candor could never get his personal life together and suffered many setbacks, including a two year suspension from all QuestNet associated adventures. The Huffington Post named Candor one the top 13 disappointments of the 2000’s.

Relationship Status: Candor has changed his relationship status from In a Relationship to It Hurts So Bad.