Fairies? Alchemy? Quests?


1. What is Dorkcore?

Dorkcore is an original comedy series set in a world where magic is so prevalent that it’s become mundane and unimpressive. Our heroes are government licensed adventurers that journey into dangerous areas in order to fight monsters and villains. But because the pay is terrible, they spend the rest of their time struggling to pay their bills, student loans and rent.

2. Are they LAPERs (Live Action Role-Players)? Are they in a video game?

No. The danger our heroes face are real. Think of it like this – in the world of Dorkcore, magic is real. It has influenced every major event in history: man didn’t discover fire, he discovered the spell Fire Blast. After WW2, the world entered an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. Because the need for heroes greatly diminished, magic was used to evolve technology. Instead of gasoline and batteries, Dorkcore uses Mana Crystals and enchantments.

3. So this is an alternative reality?

In the same sense that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is an alternative reality. Many things in Dorkcore resemble the modern world with a magical twist.

4. What is that bar that appears over the characters head? Isn’t that a video game thing?

The Heads Up Display resembles a video game but was originally designed in the world of Dorkcore for military and medical application. A brief in–story history of how the HUD was created:

While fighting a dragon, a warrior sustained internal injuries that were not immediately apparent. After he died, an exceptional enchanter named Catherine developed a device that, once implanted under the skin, could monitor health, magic and spirit. Not only that, the device projected a holographic screen that could be monitored in real time by allies and friends.

Once the technology became public domain, corporations integrated the device into their own applications – the average citizen was now able to get the implant to monitor their health and fitness, academic progress, career achievements, etc.

5. Wait, is Dorkcore the name of the world or the name of a country?

Dorkcore is the name of the biggest, most influential country in the world. It’s citizens and government refer to the rest of the world as Dorkcore, too, much to the annoyance of the other countries.

6. What is a realm? Is that like a country?

A realm is a collection of countries. Example: The Dark Realms are a number of uncharted countries where Black Magic is rampant. These are the most dangerous areas in Dorkcore.

7. What is a Quester?

A Quester is any person that takes a job, mission or adventure (usually dangerous in nature) in exchange for reward or experience. Basically, a professional adventurer. In Dorkcore, Questers must register with the federal government for liability and tax reasons.

8. Can anyone in the world learn magic?

Yes. Just like learning the guitar or learning to paint, anyone can pretty much do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can get good at it or make money off of it.